Senate District 33 Special General Election (and Municipal and Special Elections)
June 04, 2019
Election Statistics
Statistic Count
Total Registrations 2,836,171
Total Precincts 1,038
Voter Turnout
Statistic Count Percent
Voted 443,730 15.65%
Remaining Eligible Voters 2,392,441 84.35%
Precinct Statistics
Statistic Count Percent
Precincts Reporting 1,038 100.00%
Precincts Remaining 0 .00%
Ballot Distribution
Statistic Count Percent
Vote by Mail Ballots 293,758 66.20%
Vote Center Ballots 149,972 33.80%

Results as of 06/21/2019 11:06:12. Results are representative of Los Angeles County only. Remember to refresh this page to ensure that you have the latest results.

Ballots cast in Vote by Mail precincts are counted in the first bulletin. These tallied Vote by Mail precincts are reflected in the "Precincts Reporting" figure. There are 51 Vote by Mail precincts.

State Senator
STATE SENATOR, 33rd District (Unexpired term ending December 7, 2020)
Candidate(s) Votes Percent
LENA GONZALEZ (D) 32,394 69.75%
JACK M. GUERRERO (R) 14,049 30.25%

Voter Nominated
ARCADIA PUBLIC SAFETY, CITY SERVICES, AND ACCOUNTABILITY MEASURE. To maintain 9-1-1 emergency response times, including to home break-ins and thefts; neighborhood, school and park police patrols, fire/paramedic services, fire station operations, emergency preparedness; retain/attract local businesses; maintain streets/infrastructure; provide other general services and maintain City finances, shall the City of Arcadia establish a 3/4¢ sales tax providing approximately $8,600,000 annually until ended by voters, requiring annual independent financial audits, all funds remaining in Arcadia?
Candidate(s) Votes Percent
YES 4,811 63.81%
NO 2,728 36.19%

Majority of votes cast
CITY OF COMPTON GENERAL MUNICIPAL ELECTION Member of the City Council, 1st District
Candidate(s) Votes Percent
MICHELLE CHAMBERS (N) 1,584 67.32%
JANNA ZURITA (N) 769 32.68%

CITY OF COMPTON GENERAL MUNICIPAL ELECTION Member of the City Council, 4th District
Candidate(s) Votes Percent
EMMA SHARIF (N) 943 54.32%
JUSTIN A. BLAKELY (N) 793 45.68%

CITY OF LOS ANGELES COUNCIL DISTRICT 12 SPECIAL ELECTION (Unexpired term ending December 13, 2020)
Candidate(s) Votes Percent
LORAINE LUNDQUIST (N) 8,635 19.74%
JOHN LEE (N) 8,197 18.74%
SCOTT ABRAMS (N) 5,300 12.12%
JAY BEEBER (N) 4,169 9.53%
FRANK FERRY (N) 3,791 8.67%
CHARLES SEAN DINSE (N) 3,149 7.20%
JEFF DAAR (N) 1,668 3.81%
STELLA T. MALOYAN (N) 1,532 3.50%
CARLOS AMADOR (N) 1,411 3.23%
BRANDON SAARIO (N) 1,406 3.21%
JACK KAYAJIAN (N) 1,233 2.82%
NAVRAJ SINGH (N) 987 2.26%
ANNIE EUNWOO CHO (N) 864 1.98%
JOSH YEAGER (N) 734 1.68%
RAJI RAB (N) 669 1.53%

QUALITY TEACHER, CLASS SIZE REDUCTION, AND LOCAL SCHOOL SAFETY MEASURE. To retain/attract quality teachers; reduce class sizes; provide counseling/nursing/library services, arts, music, science, math, preschool, vocational/career education, safe/well-maintained schools, adequate instructional materials/supplies; support disadvantaged/homeless students; shall Los Angeles Unified School District levy $0.16 per square foot of building improvements annually, exempting seniors/certain disability recipients, providing approximately $500,000,000 annually for 12 years, requiring annual audits, oversight, and funding local schools?
Candidate(s) Votes Percent
YES 181,329 46.17%
NO 211,434 53.83%

2/3 of votes cast

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(N) - Non Partisan |
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